Updates! [April 2021]

UPDATES! | April 2021 Hello everyone! A few updates; Hello everyone! I'm working with Lucy, one of my friends who you might've see around the blog, on a novel collaboration that started on her blog! She needs writers, so I decided to take part in helping! If you're interested, you can start from here . (Note: Chapters 11-13 are set, so please ask to write chapter 14 upon request! And yes, it is quite lengthy because yes.) For more of my work and others, check  Lucy's ,  Mark's , Marysa's , Sabrina 's , and Shae's  blogs! You can get tons of totally-not-me-promoted content there! That's it for updates! Remember! Stay positive, test negative! :D

Dandelions and Daisies (Poem by Olivia)

 Dandelions and daisies,  The utterly peaceful rays of light you shower, Upon my days where the clouds emit a scene ever so hazy, Your gently rustling leaves construct a newfound golden hour. Dandelions and daisies, How your lovely spirit amazes me, The winds that graze along the exceedingly hushed breezes, Chase my faint worries off to the brilliant, speechless sea. Dandelions and daisies, As I release my wish upon your many mellow fragments, You slow the endlessly wandering thoughts that invade a mind so busy, And the once disturbed and troubled mind becomes one with the fields of growth and enchantment. Dandelions and daisies, Your serenely placid wisps journey off alongside the blazing sun, Bidding your gratified farewells to the everlasting prairies, And once your magical strands scattered among the open air join as one, May your fascinating essence return with a tune ever so merry. Dandelions and daisies... Oh, how your fragrance sets me free.

Face the World

I can feel the power leave my body I slowly become weaker I drift off, ready to fall And be rid of this horrible place This place offers no warmth No light No happiness As I slowly crumble away But then I see you You're here, again You give me strength Catching me from that fall And offer warmth Light Happiness And now I stand Now I finally have something to fight for So come at me, world For I'm ready to face you

Music Update!

Don't mind me, just updating everyone with my music! One Mans Trash Relaxing Lo-Fi Beat Bossa Jazz Chill City Pop MegaMix Unshakeable Feeling Rising to the Summit Delight Morning Memories Brilliant Sunrise

Sunset Sails (by Olivia)

 Laces of gold surround the scene before me, The whispers of the wind lull my soul into the clouds, The wide, encompassing glory of the misty sea, Brought forward the many dreams of this lively aquatic crowd. The scent of the atmosphere played itself upon my heartstrings, My eyes drifting towards the glistening, radiant life of the sun, As the waves of the restful ocean sway along while they sing, The breath draws itself from my lungs witnessing the scene in which the universe has clearly outdone. Like a flute gently sounding across the fields, Like the way a heart could pulsate with a growing passion of truth, In fact, captures the magnificence the brilliant sky may wield, When the shades of a blazing fire leave their streaks across the place that had once echoed blue. The song of spring nurtures the boats that sail, A lovely melody resembling the art of the the deep, May the beauty of the sky above us always prevail, And hum its lovely, magical tune until the hour I sleep.

The Trinity [Music]

Hey everyone! Not your usual post today. Some friends of mine and I are in an RP together and we create music off of it to help expand our music skills and, well, just for fun. I couldn't help but notice a good friend of mine uploaded her track , so I wanted to share a team theme between the 3 main characters. Long story short: the 3 are on the run together after an unlikely partnership is formed, involving a half-dragon, ninja, and cloaked rouge. Please, enjoy!


My mind could not understand I was lost, confused, out of it And it was too foggy to see clearly But then you popped up and cleared the fog You made sure I was okay That I wasn't losing it And helped guide me out of the mess that is my mind Repaired my heart And restored my hope My faith My humanity So I thank you for all you have done In the form of this short poem Thank you, Lucy ----------- Dedicated to my friend Lucy, who has always been there for me. I hope you enjoy, Lucy.

You [PoetOfSteel]

 Note: I was dared by some friends to freestyle a poem in 1 minute...I got this: Only you Make me this happy Like the sun Nurturing its plants And how the moon glows softly in the night Those feelings THE feeling Is the only thing keeping me up I love you With all my heart They said it was good, and THEN one of them even said that it was a mood, which is very unlike her to be emotionally touched, so I uploaded it. ENJOY!

The Day the Stars Fled (by Olivia)

 What a breathtaking sight to behold,  When the lights seem to flourish and return from their daylight disguise, As a lifelong adventure could dare to unfold, The endless world of glowing orbs seemed to arise. It is the sight that leaves the world at its rest, The glimpses sailors gaze upon as they lay for slumber, How beautiful those stars had looked as they soared to the west, And only the conscious souls left to stare up in wonder. Flurries of stardust scattered the land, How frivolous the world felt upon their flight, Soul fragments of the celestial bodies meeting towards the sand, Had inspired the earth's radiance, with a luminosity ever so bright. For the stars had discovered their escape to another world, A realm so foreign to their heavenly aura, The way it conducted their route as they swirled, As they began their dispersal among the many growing flora. The others would describe their ways similar to a jet, For the manner in which the divine world glowed was beyond what th

Sitting In A Shadow [PoetOfSteel]

Sitting in a corner, darkness surrounds me Trying to be someone else when I can't find me I'm drowning, losing air, I can't swim I need help but I'm not going to ask for it So busy pleasing others Because if not I'll lose another And I can't take it I won't last one more hit How do I end the misery? How to stop the suffering?I wish it would all end I wish I could just just be happy again (Note: Thanks for the title, Gabby! :D)

Fade Away [PoetOfSteel]

I can feel myself slipping From reality Images stuck in my head From what I thought was meant to be But despite fantasies Happiness is not what I will receive I feel myself slipping every day I can feel myself fading away