Switch Off Story! [EVENT]

     This event is a little different than my others. I will start a story, and others finish the other half! NO ENDING IS CANON! How it works:
The first half will be down below!
Anyone with a blog can join!, just link your part in the comments!
If you do not have access to a blog, just submit it through the contact form! (The 3 lines in the upper left corner, to the bottom)

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

First half:
     I drove through the forest on my moterbike, my heart pounding faster than I could think. What do they want with me? I thought. 2 Hummers moved in closer, and attempted to catch me off guard. I made a sharp turn from a redwood, and one of the Hummers crashed into the tree. The one left, however, decided that that wasn't nice. Making a swift turn, it was right on my tail, creeping up steadily.
     If I don't do something fast, I'm toast! Like, buttered with eggs! As I attempted to plot an escape, there was a large ravine  up ahead, with swirling waters and jagged rocks. My fesr of heights was stopping me from jumping it, so I just made a turn. Everything was fine until another Hummer came to my side, with the only things open being ahead of me, and the ravine.
     Mustering all my strength and courage, I go just fast enough to pass the blocking hummer, make a quick turn to the right, and then driving up a large stone as I launched myself across the ravine.


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